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15 Fun ideas for announcing your baby name

You have made lists, debated and discussed — and maybe even argued a little — but now you have made your baby name decision you are ready to tell the world! Check out our 15 fun ways to announce your baby name to friends and family.

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Some parents share their baby name choice before the baby is born, whereas other parents prefer to wait until their baby has been born to claim their name. Regardless of what you decide, here are 15 fun ways to share your baby — and your baby name — with the world!

1. Facebook announcement: Announce your baby name, along with the meaning, on Facebook. If your baby has already been born, include a picture with your status update.

2. Twitter hot topic: Tweet your baby’s name, along with a twit pic, of your chosen name to all your followers.

3. Take a picture: Place a sign near your newborn baby with his or her name, take a picture, and send it out (or facebook it!) to all your friends and family.

4. Involve the siblings: Have a sibling wear a shirt that says the baby name, for instance, “Addison’s big brother” and send it out to friends and family.

5. Make a video announcement: Make a video announcing your baby name and explain the meaning and how you came up with the name. If there are siblings present, get them involved by having them say what they think of the name.

6. Send an online birth announcement: Create an online birth announcement to announce your baby name! You can include a photo of the baby as well.

7. Start an online blog: Buy your baby’s domain name, for example, and create a blog to send to friends and families.

8. Reserve social media names: Reserve your baby’s twitter or facebook name. You can post newborn picture on their very own facebook page – or send twitter updates on baby’s milestones.

9. Send a keepsake announcement: Send out paper announcements with your baby’s name, picture and birth weight and size. These make great keepsakes for the baby book!

10. Personalized cigars: Handing out cigars after a baby is born is a long-standing tradition. Why not order personalized cigars, either candy or the real thing, to hand out to announce your baby’s name.

11. What a sweet idea! Order personalized candy bars, suckers or M&M’s with your baby’s name.

12. Fun with the baby nursery: Decorate the baby nursery and include a personalized wall hanging or frame in the room. Plan a get-together for friends and family where you unveil the baby nursery — and the baby name!

13. Buy a star named after your baby! Share the star’s name — and your baby’s name — during an outside dinner with friends and family.

14. Honor your family name: If you are naming your baby after a family member, buy a two- sided frame with the picture of the family member on one side and the other side for your baby. Invite friends and family to dinner and display the photo, or have it in the hospital room after baby is born.

15. Baby naming ceremoney: It is of Jewish tradition to have a baby naming ceremony in which the name is officially presented to loved ones. Even if you are not of Jewish faith, you can invite friends and family over for the baby name announcement, as well as an opportunity for friends and family to see your newborn baby.

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