4 Easy no-sew DIY Halloween costumes for preschoolers

Looking for fabulous Halloween costume ideas? Preschool costumes don’t need to cost a bundle. In fact, these easy homemade Halloween costume ideas all cost under $10 to toss together. Ready to make your own Halloween costume for your preschooler?

DIY Halloween costumes are a fun and frugal way to give your child a unique Halloween get-up. Sure, you could spend a little cash for a store-bought one, but why would you when these easy homemade Halloween costume ideas for preschoolers require no-sewing and little work? Let them stand out in their special mom-made Halloween costume this year!

Little ladybug

What’s cuter than a little ladybug? This fun DIY Halloween costume can work for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

You need:

  • 1 sheet of red felt
  • black fabric marker
  • red ribbon
  • elastic
  • 1 roll each red and black tulle
  • black shirt or bodysuit
  • black leggings


  1. Cut the felt sheet into a shield shape. Use the black fabric marker to draw (and fill in) large circles on the shield. Cut four slits across the top of the felt, about 1/2-inch down. Thread ribbon through the slits (you’ll use the ribbon to tie the ladybug “shell” on.
  2. Cut the elastic to fit your child’s waist. Then knot the ends to form a circle. Have your child put the elastic on her waist.
  3. Cut the tulle into 2-foot lengths. Make an even amount of red and black (you’ll have to estimate — but don’t worry, you can always cut more. Fold one red piece of tulle in half and hold near the elastic. Pull ends through the loop, circling around the elastic. Pull the ends until tight. Repeat, alternating with the black and red until you have added tulle all around the elastic.
  4. To wear: Have your child put on the black shirt and pants. Tie on the ladybug “shell” and have your child put the black and red tutu on.

Perfect Peter Pan

Easy homemade Halloween costumes don’t have to take long to make either! This preschool costume can be made in less than 10 minutes.

You need:

  • 1 oversized green polo shirt (go several sizes larger — such as a boy’s medium for a 3T child)
  • 1 brown belt
  • 1 pair brown leggings (found in the girls department)


  1. Have your child put on the polo shirt and place a mark at knee-length. Have him remove the shirt, then use scissors to cut the hem into jagged spikes. The knee-length mark should be the median of the spikes (in other words, don’t cut it too short!).
  2. To wear: Have your child put on the polo and leggings. Use the belt to cinch the waist of the shirt. For best results, wear brown shoes.

Tiny Tinkerbell

Halloween costumes don’t get any easier than this super simple, but totally cute, Tinkerbell costume. It’s best for a toddler.

You need:

  • 1 light green bodysuit
  • 1 pair cream or white fitted leggings or tights
  • 1 pair wings


  1. To wear: Dress your child with the green bodysuit over the leggings or tights. Put on the wings and go.

Easy peasy pirate

Pirates are so fun, and this easy homemade Halloween costume will cost a fraction of the amount of a premade one.

You need: 

  • 1 maroon polo shirt, several sizes too big
  • 1 pair white sweatpants
  • black fabric paint
  • 1 gold, brown or black silky rope (like the kind used for tying back curtains). This should be able to tie around your child’s waist
  • pirate hat or bandana
  • sword
  • eye patch (optional)


  1. Cut a jagged edge on the hem of the polo shirt.
  2. Use the fabric paint to draw vertical stripes on the sweatpants. Then, cut a jagged edge off the bottom of each leg.
  3. To wear: Have your child put on the shirt and pants. Tie the silky rope around his waist. Embellish with a pirate hat or bandana, sword and an eye patch, if desired.

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