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Top 3 dorm room design ideas

The long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end. For some moms, this time of the year is particularly daunting because college-bound students have left their family homes for the first time and off to create their own space in a new apartment or dorm room. As a mother of two, I understand the need to make sure your child feels comfortable while away from the home you created for them. As an interior designer, I understand that surroundings affect self-confidence, goals, and attitudes in people of all ages.

A dorm room or your child’s first apartment will certainly have a strong influence on their grades and focus… not to mention how they feel about themselves.

Here my top 3 dorm room design suggestions to make your academic’s pad grade A!

An Area Rug

An area rug will cover up the dingy floors of most dorm rooms. It will immediately bring a cozy feeling to the space. Area rugs are also perfect for college students because it is easy to find ones with bright colors and interesting patterns. You and your student will have tons of fun sorting through all of the options. If you are thinking that an area rug is too expensive for a college dorm, think again. You can find hip, affordable options at Z Gallerie,, and don’t under estimate your local Home Depot!

You can also create your own area rug using modular carpet pieces by FLOR. These squares of carpeting can be purchased individually and placed together to create an area rug that is just the right size.

Stylish Laundry Basket

Every college student needs a laundry basket. It is a must in any college dorm! The basic laundry baskets can be eyesores, so jazz up the room with a stylish basket that adds to the décor and gets the clothes off the floor. I love the Savannah Corner Hamper from Pottery Barn because it is simple and fits right into the corner. Your student will be able to use it for years, even after the college days are over.

For something more short-term and affordable, I like the Daisy Crunch Can found at the Container Store.


Plain white walls can be great in an art gallery; but in a dorm room, plain white walls can make the space feel institutional and cold. Encourage your child to forgo pinned up movie posters (haven’t they had enough in their middle to high school years… I know I have!) and place framed pieces on their wall. Family photos, received greeting cards, or pictures of their friends showcased in simple Ikea frames, will make the room feel like a home and make the space meaningful.

For trendy, decorative objects to place on the wall, go to Target or Pier 1.

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