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Increase your child’s ACT scores with our top study tips

Good ACT scores are important to many college-bound high school juniors and seniors. Preparation for the exam can stress our your student, but you can help ease the burden with some of these tried-and-true ACT study tips.

test taking tips

Taking the ACT’s is a rite of passage for many college-bound high schoolers. The pressure to do well on the exam is intense and many students stress themselves out to try and bump their scores up a couple of points.

You can help your kids get their best ACT scores. No, you can’t take the test for them, but you can encourage them along the way with a lot of love, TLC and these study tips:

study early and often

The ACT measures four skills areas: mathematics, English, reading and science. A lot of the test is designed to measure a student’s natural aptitude, but studying for subjects commonly asked on the test can help increase scores. However, your student can’t cram studying in at the last minute and expect it to help. Instead, encourage him to start studying several months before their scheduled exam date. You can also have your child write out a study outline and dedicate a set period of time to each subject and motivate them to do study their best.

Take practice exams

Testing companies sell various books and guides to help students study for the ACT’s. Many of these guides also include practice tests that can be used to prepare for the exam. The tests won’t be the same as the actual exam, but will give your student an idea of what to expect come test day.

seek professional help

Many tutoring and educational companies offer ACT preparation courses for students registered for the ACT. These classes work much like the study guides, but offer live, professional help to answer questions as they come up. The courses can run several hundred dollars, depending on where you live. The upside? Many offer a money-back guarantee, so if your child doesn’t get a high score he can go back and retake the course again or you’ll get your money back.

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