Segway company owner killed by Segway

Sep 28, 2010 at 2:05 p.m. ET

The British owner of Segway was killed by one of his own vehicles -- a Segway. Don't let an accident hurt you or a member of your family by using some of our personal safety tips.

Segways, the two-wheeled, science-fiction inspired vehicles popular with hobby enthusiasts caused the death of company owner James Heselden, according toUSA Today.

Heselden, 62, was riding his Segway when the machine tumbled down a cliff near the River Wharfe in northern England. It wasn't immediately clear if the company owner was wearing any safety gear, but tragic accidents like these are reminders to always practice diligent safety when riding any vehicle or participating in sports.

Here are a few safety reminders to practice, no matter if you're five or 95.

Always wear a helmet

A study conducted by the National Highway Transportation & Safety Commission shows that motorcyclists who use helmets decrease their risk of serious head injuries by 70 percent. Most states now legally require helmets for anyone riding a motorcycle or bicycle.

And, while you at it, consider donning some elbow and kneepads to keep those from getting skinned up if you fall.

wear reflective gear

Darkness makes it difficult for motorists to see you riding on a bicycle. Make sure you wear reflective clothing and add flashing lights to your bicycles to help motorists see you before it's too late.

only ride on designated trails

Sure, it's thrilling to ride your bike on the side of a highway or busy street, but you can't control how motorists drive. It's best to stick to assigned biking trails or lanes on roadways to decrease the chances of an accident.

what are some of your personal safety tips?