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Cool baby name themes

If you’re feeling overwhelmed finding the perfect baby name, narrowing down your search by theme is a great way to start. By focusing your search on the top themes, such as traditional names, exotic names, unique or spiritual names, you’ll be one step closer in finding the perfect girl name or boy name.

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Many parents have a hard time finding the perfect baby name when they are given long lists, such as the Social Security Administration’s Top 100 Baby Name list. Check out our pick of the top baby name themes to help you narrow down your search.

Exotic baby names

Many parents love exotic names for their unique sound or their cultural ties. Irish names, such as Rylan, Aidan, Keira and Kaitlyn, are a popular theme because they are unusual, but are also pleasing to the ear. For more exotic names, check out our list of French names, Spanish names and Italian names.

To see our pick of exotic names in one list, check out Exotic girl names from around the world and Exotic boy names from around the world. You can also search for names by origin in our handy online tool.

Traditional baby names

Classic or traditional names never go out of style! Many parents choose a classic name because it conveys a strong link to tradition, and it may even be a family name that is passed down generation to generation. Names like Jack, Henry, Alice and Grace are beautiful names that will stand the test of time.

For more ideas, check out Traditional American baby names.

Spiritual Baby Names

Spiritual names can come from a specific religious preference, such as the biblical names like Joseph, Mary or Gabriel, or they can be a virtue name like Grace or Hope. In fact, the name Neveah (“heaven” spelled backwards) is even climbing the popular baby name charts!

Check out list of Spiritual girl names and Spiritual boy names for more ideas.

Unique Baby Names

If you’re looking for a unique name that helps your child stand out from the crowd, you’ll love our list of unique and buzzworthy baby names. Jax, King and Cullen are all boy names that are unique, yet cool. Malyah, Caylee and Kinley are fun choices for a unique girl’s name.

Check out our list of buzzworthy baby names on the rise for more unique name choices.

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