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Plan now for one-on-one time with your child this holiday season

How many moms among us have thought, amid the crazy-busy preparations of the winter holidays, that they wish they had a way to spend one-on-one time with each child during the season? If you plan ahead, you can do just that, and maybe even start a family tradition while you’re at it.

Mom and son making ginger bread house

Mothers and daughters going to see the local production of “The Nutcracker” together, fathers and sons spending an afteroon playing pick-up hockey, mothers and sons baking favorite cookies together, fathers and daughters going out for afternoon tea. All these are ways parents can spend special one-on-one time with their children during the holiday season — the trick is finding the time in an already busy time of year. Here are some tips for family holiday fun.

Make a plan for special family time

Long before the holiday season starts, figure out what kind of special time you want to spend with your kids. If it’s a stage production you want to see, you’ll likely have to plan ahead anyway. But even for other kinds of events, it really starts with deciding not only that this special family time with your child during the holidays is something you want to do, but exactly what you will do.

If your’re unsure, you could simply ask your child — and likely the most important part of this for your child is not what you do, but that you do it together as special family time together. Whether it’s going to a movie, walking along the harbor in the evening to see the decorated boats, or whatever might be a special holiday tradition in your area, make the commitment now to share special time with your child during the holiday season.

Put it in writing

Before you go any futher, block off that time on the calendar — in ink. Let nothing else nose in, and politely decline other offers for the same time. This way you not only make the event, as little or as big as it may be, happen — you also send a not-so-subtle message to your child about the importance of your special time together — and of the importance of your child.

If you have multiple children for which to plan such events, yes, it could get a little tricky in the planning — but it is so worth it.

Make one-on-one time a tradition

If you’ve made special time for each of your kids during the holiday once, you know you can do it again. Make it a family tradition that you spend this special time with each child during the busy holiday season. Your child likely will look forward as much to that special time with you as anything else during the season, and you’ll make memories for a lifetime.

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