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Monday Mom challenge: Stop being so “accident prone

In the constant juggle of family life, how many times do things fall? How often is it you who falls? It’s not just you: In the course of caring for their families and generally running life, many women feel a bit accident prone. A broader look at your life may yield some clues as to why it’s happening, and how you can stop it.

Clumsy accident-prone woman

1Renew focus.

Sometimes, being accident prone is about being out of focus and not quite at the appropriate level of concentration for the task. It’s no wonder, given the extreme multitasking that moms typically do! And in a child’s early days and years, add general exhaustion on top of that.

Try being conscious of what you are doing, when you are doing it — no matter what you are doing. Actively focus on the task at hand, whether it’s walking through the house, chopping vegetables, or going out and about.

2Work on balance — literally and figuratively.

Seeking balance in one’s life gets talked about quite a bit, and with good reason. Emotional balance gives you energy and resources to devote to the various aspects of your life.

For the accident prone, however, balance also can be a truly physical issue. Sometimes, your ability to balance physically can be compromised by a lack of emotional balance. Work on one to improve the other — so you don’t go off kilter so easily and bang into that wall as you turn the corner running after your toddler!

3See a doctor.

If none of these basic approaches work — if concentration and balance-building exercises don’t seem to have any effect on the little accidents that have become common in your life, it might be time to seek professional help. Talk to your general practitioner about your concern; she may have some ideas and may be able to offer some referrals to specialists of various kinds to figure things out.

Bumps and bruises are part of life to a certain extent, but being consistently accident prone isn’t. Start trying now to figure it out, and soon you could be saying, “Ow!” a whole lot less.

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