10 Dorm safety tips for college kids

With fall just around the corner, thousands of post-secondary students are packing up to move to a nearby city or across the country to pursue their studies. Becoming independent almost overnight comes with certain risks and responsibilities, and college kids need to think of safety as well as fun. Here are 10 dorm safety tips to take with you as you head back to school.

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Expert Tips

“Theft seems to be an issue for university students. Having the necessary protection in place and taking a few simple steps before you leave for school allows you to enjoy your university experience with fewer worries,” says Amy Woods, spokesperson for Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. Allstate Canada has the following dorm saftey tips to protect yourself and your possessions.

How to stay safe in the dorms

1Read the dorm rules

Whether you’re living on or off campus, look into the rules and regulations of your home away from home before you leave. Make sure you do not bring anything that is not permitted.

2Lock your door

Dormitories may seem like a fun, safe environment, but it is important to make sure to lock your door whenever you leave your room in order to protect your belongings and keep your dorm room safe.

3Get insurance for your belongings

If you are bringing any items of high value to school, such as musical instruments or jewelry, consider having them insured against theft or damage before you arrive.

4Never abandon your laptop

Never abandon your laptop in a library. It only takes a few moments for someone to walk by and swipe it. If you must leave it temporarily, invest in a laptop lock to act as a deterrent.

5Get tenant’s insurance

If you’re renting a room or an apartment in a building, you may be required to have tenant’s insurance, which protects you and your belongings if your property is stolen or damaged.

6Check your auto insurance

When you take a car out of province, remember to check with your auto insurance company to see if you are covered while away and contact the local transportation department to see if you need to change your license plates.

7Don’t leave valuables in the dorm parking lot

Don’t leave anything valuable in your car, especially in plain sight. Put any high-value items in the trunk or glove compartment where they can’t be seen.

8Watch your laundry

Keep an eye on your laundry if you’re doing it at a laundromat to avoid having your belongings stolen. Bring homework or a book with you to help pass the time.

9Check the guest policy

How safe is your dormitory building? Look into the guest policy for your dormitory and see what kind of dorm security procedures they have in place. If you feel unsafe, speak to a dormitory representative or an administrator about creating a secure environment.

10Hang on to your ID cards

These days, many student cards act as more than identification. If you have a meal plan or library account associated with yours, report your card loss immediately if it goes missing.

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