Top 10 inappropriate baby clothes

For better or worse, kids take their fashion cues from Mom and Dad when they’re young. Having no other option but to wear what their parents choose, babies can be style mavens one day and fashion victims the next. Dressing our babies in adorable outfits, cute little ensembles or irreverent duds may be a parental right of passage, but anyone who has shopped for a baby knows that there’s a fine line between precious and inappropriate. These 10 onesies definitely fall into the latter category.


1For the baby with questionable habitsFor the baby with questionable habits

Babies and young children can get away with sticking a stray finger up their noses every now and then, but do we have to celebrate the effort? This Tee Wit onesie from Cafe Press thumbs a proverbial nose at etiquette, proudly proclaiming, It’s my nose and I’ll pick it if I want to.

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