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How to organize your family photos

How many photos will you take this summer? A lot? Not too many? They’re probably wonderful, both as images and as a reminder of summer fun. They’re probably still in your camera or on you computer — you know they are. All of us have, from time to time been known to get a little lax with the photos we take. We’ll get to them later, we say. But do we?

Mom taking photo with child

When you think back on your own childhood, what are the photos you remember the most? Likely holidays and summers. This year, do something with those summer photos so your kids have some of the same kinds of memories. Digital media and memory cards are wonderful inventions, but your images are not meant to be stored there permanently. Do something with them!

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Albums are an easy way to collect and share photographs, but they seem to be rarer and rarer these days – even as websites make it easier and easier to create albums! Whether you create printed books or print individual photos and slide them into albums and pockets, albums are warmer and more tactile than computer screens.

Don’t be surprised if you catch your kids curling up with a photo album time and again to look through and remember — they certainly are less likely to do the same with your laptop!

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Another terrific thing to do is to work with your kids to create a summer photo collage. Plan the collage for a standard photo size and allow each member of the family to choose some images to print, cut out and include in the collage. Add words using paint pens and stickers to highlight parts of the image. Don’t be afraid to get creative! When the collage is done, frame it and display it. As the months grow colder, you’ll smile and feel warm each time you see it.


Photos are even more fun when they are shared. Make a copy of the photo album for the grandparents, or give copies of photos with friends to those friends. You can be sure they will appreciate it – and the memories of a terrific summer will spread and last.

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The advent of digital photography has been wonderful for taking and storing photos, but photos shouldn’t stay on the memory card or on the computer forever. Let those photos from those sunny summer days see the light, and continue to spread the summer fun whereever they are seen.

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