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You’re gonna love these short baby girl names if you have a long last name

It’s hard not to pay attention to what’s popular — especially if you’re still racking your brain trying to come up with a great name for your baby. Maybe you’re worried about your baby girl’s name being too popular and overused, or maybe you’re worried about your name choice being too obscure and hard to understand. This may be one of those times when it’s wise to meet in the middle. A short and sweet baby name is distinct enough to stand out, without being too out there.

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According to the latest 2016 baby name trenders from Baby Center, demand for some of these “shortie” names is on the rise. Because of the upcoming election, parents are leaning toward Hillary (but you can call her Hill). The recent Star Wars blockbuster also brought us one of our all-time favorite short girl names: Rey. And then there’s Leia, if you feel that Rey’s gotten too trendy.

Big things come in small packages, and the short baby girl names are where it’s at this year. We’ve put together a full collection to make your baby naming struggles so much easier.

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Simple yet unique baby girl’s names

  1. Aina: Of Scandinavian origin and means “forever.”
  2. Aja: This Hindi name means “goat.”
  3. Anya: Russian name meaning “grace.”
  4. Basha: This name means “stranger” and has Polish origins. Same root as the name Barbara.
  5. Alia: A Muslim name, this means “exalted.”
  6. Bren: Variation of Brenda, Brenna and Bryn. It means “sword, raven, little drop of water.”
  7. Cai: This name means “feminine” and has Vietnamese roots.
  8. Clea: Greek name, abbreviation of Cleopatra.
  9. Drew: Anglo-Saxon name meaning “wise.”
  10. Eira: A Welsh name, this means “snow.”
  11. Eris: A name from Greek mythology, Eris is the goddess of discord and destruction.
  12. Grace: English name meaning, “grace.”
  13. Gia: Italian name meaning, “God is gracious.”
  14. Ivy: American name meaning “ivy.”
  15. Karis: A Greek name, this means “grace.”
  16. Leia: English name meaning “meadow.”
  17. Liri: A Hebrew name, this means “musical.”
  18. Lyra: Another version of the Greek name Lyris, this means “lyre.”
  19. Mina: This name is Dutch meaning “love.”
  20. Neka: An American Indian name, this means “wild goose.”
  21. Nila: This name is derived from the river Nile in Egypt.
  22. Opal: English name meaning “jewel.”
  23. Paige: French name meaning “attendant.”
  24. Pia: Italian name meaning “pious.”
  25. Rey: French name meaning “regal.”
  26. Rhea: Latin name meaning “mother of the gods.”
  27. Rose: Of Scottish origin meaning “flower.”
  28. Sina: Meaning “treasure,” this name has Hebrew roots.
  29. Stina: Short form of the name Christina.
  30. Tia: This Spanish name means “aunt.” Another version of this name is Tea.
  31. Trea: This name comes from the Latin word tertia, which means “third.”
  32. Uma: A Hindu name meaning, “bright.”
  33. Wren: Also the name of a small songbird, this name has Old English roots.
  34. Vera: Latin name meaning “true.”
  35. Zoe: A Greek name meaning “life” or “alive.”

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Originally published Aug. 2010. Updated Sept. 2016.

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