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10 Freshen up tips for the home

Couple painting

6Keep your eyes on the floor

Spot cleaning can only do so much for heavily traveled hallways. Have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned several times a year. Watch for specials from local companies and, once you find one you’re comfortable with, set up a regular service schedule.

7Buy (or make) new pillows

They may be small, but pillows can provide an instant boost to the look of your sofa. Look for unique patterns and textures to coordinate with your existing colors. Don’t worry, they don’t all need to match perfectly. In fact, it’s more fun if they don’t.

8Paint party!

Outdated paint colors can immediately age your home. Focus on one room at a time, and get the family involved for extra hands on deck. Opt for timeless shades like beiges and creams throughout your home, then select accent walls to coordinate with your home’s main colors.

9Pay attention to neglected areas

Spend a few hours focusing on hard to reach spots that tend to be neglected, like the baseboards and the blinds. Eliminating cobwebs, dust and grime in these areas will instantly freshen up your home.

10It’s all about the windows

Sparkling windows can make a big difference in the overall freshness of your home. Search for a local window cleaning service to clean all of your windows (especially if you have a two-story home) and clean the inside, outside and the screens. Once your windows are spotless, add a do-it-yourself valance or curtain to freshen up any room of the house.


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