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Quiz: What’s your baby naming personality?

Our baby name quiz is the perfect tool to help you narrow down your search in finding the right girl or boy name. Afterall, “What did you name the baby?” will be the first questions friends and family ask when baby arrives. Choosing a name for your baby can be so much fun – and challenging, too. Let us help!

Laughing baby in a diaper

Well-meaning loved ones are more than willing to share their opinions for baby names, but sometimes it’s better to go with your gut. Ultimately, you and your child will live with the name you choose, so you want it to be just right.

There are countless names from which to choose, but you can narrow your search by figuring out your baby naming personality. Are you aiming for a name that’s unique? Trendy? Popular? Exotic? Grab a piece of paper and jot down the letter (a, b, c,d) next to the answer that best describes you in these 10 questions. Find out which letter you answered most and get baby name suggestions customized to your baby name personality.

Ready to get started?

1. To relax, you:

a) snuggle in with your hubby to watch a movie
b) hit the gym and work up a good sweat
c) call up your besties for some girl time
d) go shopping

2. Your favorite time of day is:

a) sunset – it’s so romantic
b) morning – you’re full of energy by 5 am
c) meal time with family or friends
d) after dark when anything can happen

3. When you leave the house you wear:

a) your signature perfume
b) the latest hairstyle
c) skinny jeans and UGG boots
d) a bracelet of Tibetan prayer beads

4. To commemorate a special event you:

a) preserve everything in a scrapbook
b) videotape it and post it on You Tube
c) throw a giant party for all of your friends
d) take a cruise

5. If you could do any job, you’d:

a) write a novel
b) become a professional blogger
c) teach
d) belly dance

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