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Celebrate your daughter’s first period

The occasion of an adolescent girl’s first period is often a very embarrassing and scary time, even if they have been prepared for it by their mother. One way to lighten the mood and celebrate this momentous time in your daughter’s life is by having a first period party. It can be difficult for young girls and even women to get excited about something that brings both blood and pain, but having a period party can be a great first step towards her being able to embrace her period and its significance as the beginning of her journey to womanhood.

Teen girl and mom

Lisa Carpenter, blogger at Grandma’s Briefs, celebrated all three of her daughter’s first periods with a “Period Party.” The occasion was marked with a Black Forest Cake, purchased by their father, and the presentation of a bag of pads. They also all danced to the song “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon,” sung by Urge Overkill. For Lisa, the party was her family’s way “to ensure the moment would not be remembered with shame and secrecy.”

Lisa believes that, “Not only did the simple celebrations create fond memories, I think they had an impressive impact on how my daughters view their periods, as they have never used their period as a reason to ‘sit out’ of activities or stay home from school or get away with bad behavior just because ‘it’s that time of month.'”

Who to Invite

Some families, like Lisa’s, chose to reduce potential embarrassment by only including immediate family. However, others chose to include female friends of their daughter and influential women in her life. Involve your daughter in the planning stages to find out what she would prefer.

What to Do

Once again, this will vary from family to family. Depending on the guest list, either hold a sleepover or a more elegant tea party. For the sleepover, plan to pamper your daughter’s friends by offering do-it-yourself face masks, pedicures and manicures, and play girl power tunes in the background. For a tea party, play classical music and serve tea sandwiches and scones.
Another way to go is a red themed party, with red streamers and balloons and red iced cake and brownies. If your daughter decides that she just is too embarrassed to have a period party, all is not lost. Take her out for a special lunch or shopping trip instead.

What to Say

Implement a time of sharing into the party. Have every invited guest share what their first period was like, embarrassing period stories, and tips for battling cramps and PMS. If some of the girls invited haven’t had their periods yet, allow them to share some of their fears and expectations about menstruation.
This party is also is the perfect opportunity for you to share your thoughts and hopes for your daughter’s future as a young woman. Share a special poem, song or passage from a book that has meant a lot to you over the years, or write your daughter a letter that she can cherish for years to come. Share how being a woman isn’t only about bodily changes, but also about her character and the choices that she makes. This is one opportunity for you to pass on wisdom from your years of being a woman to your daughter.

Gifts for the Occasion

These period party gift ideas are a fun way to commemorate the occasion:

  • Dot Girl’s First Period Kit- This kit comes in a blue or pink container and includes pads, wipes, disposable pad bags, a period guide and calendar, a heating pad, and a coupon for a free bag of Kotex pads. It fits perfectly in a backpack or locker and is everything a girl needs to be prepared for her first period and every one after.
  • Jade and Pearl Moon Maiden Menarche Celebration Bag– This kit comes in a tote bag and includes sea sponge tampons, Tea Tree oil antiseptic, a period calendar, a guide to menstruation for girls, an Herbal tincture for menstrual comfort, cycle beads, and a shell charm. This kit is perfect for those looking to embrace natural remedies for period symptoms and use reusable tampons. There are also other companies that produce reusable tampons and pads that can be found on the internet.

Tell us: Share your ideas for a period party!

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