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3 Stove-free healthy breakfasts for kids

Who needs a stove when you have so many other ways to serve up an easy and healthy breakfast? Try a few of these alternatives for stove-free days when you’re pressed for time or when you want to try something different.

Mom and daughter eating cereal

1breakfast Smoothies

These nutritious shakes blend together in a matter of minutes. Just pour your favorite breakfast smoothie in an insulated cup and you have breakfast to go! While there are hundreds of ways to make a fruit smoothie, with varying tastes and textures, the basic smoothie includes chopped fruit (like strawberries or bananas), a thickener such as low-fat yogurt, and a liquid such as low-fat milk. Blend the ingredients of your choice until smooth, and off you go with a quick, portable and healthy breakfast.

2Cereal and milk

It’s the old standby that just had to be on this list. Be sure to always have a fortified, whole-grain dry cereal on hand for a healthy breakfast in a pinch. Stay away from cereals high in sugar to avoid those mid-morning sugar crashes before lunch. Top the cereal with some fresh fruit such as strawberries or blueberries along with a piece of toast on the side, and you actually have yourself a complete meal!

3Fruit salad

Wake up your taste buds with a healthy and delicious fruit salad for breakfast. You can experiment with recipes that include your kids’ favorite fruits, including strawberries, grapes, pineapples, apples, mango and berries, to name a few. Fruit provides vitamin A, fiber for digestion, and phytochemicals that help fight diseases. The benefits and the convenience of fruit make it an undeniably easy and nutritious breakfast alternative.

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be complicated or involve pots, pans and hovering over a hot stove. Try some creativity without the stove for breakfast on the go or any time in between.

Make ahead breakfast ideas

Make and freeze breakfast pizza

Pizza made with eggs, cheese (and mushrooms) is a great substitute for omelets at breakfast or brunch. This step-by-step video explains how to make a delicious breakfast pizza.

More healthy breakfast ideas:

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