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Celebrity style secrets for moms

Why is it that, as mothers, we can find the time to shop for and dress our kids, but our own wardrobes are often in need of a rescue? Then, of course, there are those glossy pictures of perfectly pulled-together celebrity moms smiling back at us from the magazine covers as we wait in line at the grocery store. How do they do it? Rather than bitterly turn away from the magazine rack, take some style tips from those celebrity moms who seem to have it all — but make their looks yours on a realistic budget.

Halle Berry

It’s all about the fit

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the latest Gucci creations from head to toe: If you’re in the wrong size, you’ll be self conscious and look less than fashionable. So many women are hung up on the number on the tag. Let it go. To look your best, you have to be comfortable.

On a recent outing with her daughter, Halle Berry proved that it doesn’t take a stylist to pull off a polished, easygoing look. Try a full-length dress that skims the body, like Gap’s maxi tank dress ($50), which can be dressed up or down. The shape it not too baggy or tight, and it allows you to move during the course of a busy day.

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