5 Dorm essentials you never thought you’d need

When it comes to college dorm stuff, there is a host of items you know you need. Some of these dorm supplies include: twin extra-long sheets, shower sandals, posters and of course space saving organizers to fit in your tiny cramped room. Instead of re-hashing all the stuff you already know, we connected with Dorm Co to list the top 5 essentials you never thought you’d need.

Featherbed topper

Dorm beds are extremely flimsy and provide far less support than most incoming college students could ever anticipate. They need for a featherbed topper or a memory foam topper for added comfort and support is crucial to a good night’s sleep. The typical dorm bed does not have a box spring and the university provided mattress is on average only 8″ thick. This combination, coupled with the fact that your dorm bed is probably 10+ years old, makes the need for a twin XL bed topper a must!

Blackout curtain

Unlike your room at home that probably has dark curtains or shades that block the sun fairly well, your soon to be dorm room will feel as if the sun lives in your room. The college provided blinds block hardly any sun and unless you like waking up at 8:00 a.m. on the weekends you’ll need a blackout curtain. By adding a blackout curtain you are ensuring that your dorm room can stay dark and that you can catch a nap no matter what time of the day.

Bed post shelf

At home you most likely had a nightstand to place your alarm clock, cell phone or late night water, but what happens if your dorm bed is bunked or lofted? When sleeping up high there is no way to have a bedside table. And unless you enjoy jumping in and out of bed to turn your alarm off or grab your cell phone, you’ll need a bed post shelf. This handy shelf clamps to your bedpost and keeps your typical bedside items within arm’s reach.

Go Vault dorm safe

Prior to going to college the thought of having to keep your valuables locked up might have only occurred if your younger siblings tried to get into your stuff. But in college you’ll want all your valuables locked up and secure. College is often thought of as fun times and hard work, however often it is the case that some students look for the quick opportunistic steal. This unfortunate and unexpected truth ensures the need for dorm security supplies.


You know your dorm room will be small, but did you know that your room will be so small that your bed will be a prime seating location? To make your room more hangout-friendly, you’ll need a Slouchback to turn your dorm bed into a relaxing lounge around sofa. Another useful small and unique dorm room seating choice is the Dorm Co Mini-Futon, which serves as a seat for two that will actually fit in your room.


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