4 Ways to be a fun mom today

Forget schedules, discipline and goals for a second! These things are important, but so is having fun which is why you shoulds take some time to share laughs and enjoy your kids today. Check out these 4 easy ways to be a fun mom today — and every day!

Mom and daughter picnic

You want to raise good kids. You want them to be happy and well-rounded. Don’t you want them to enjoy life too? Of course you do!

That’s why being a fun mom is as important as being a mom who provides structure and guidance. It’s those fun moments that provide lifelong memories for kids.

Here are some great ideas from real moms on how you can be a fun mom too.

1Have a reverse meal

Mom Tracy Bagatelle-Black didn’t set out to have a fun mom moment the first time she gave her kids a reverse dinner. “I do have to admit that the idea came when dinner wasn’t finished cooking fast enough one time and it was getting late — but they loved it some much I’ve done it again,” says Bagatelle-Black.

Regardless of how it started, it’s caught on in her home as a once-in-a-while treat. “What I do is serve dessert first, then vegetable then some sort of protein. We’ve also done mixed up dinner when all the courses were mixed up and dinner might end with a veggie,” she says.

Bagatelle-Black says that even though the reverse dinner is fun, she still makes sure that the kids eat well. “I just have to make sure that they still eat their veggies even if dessert is first.”

2French fry Friday

Kids love events with special names … Special Movie Night, Ice Cream Socials and, Dawn Tulman’s suggestion, French Fry Friday. Tulman says that although her family isn’t big on fast food, this fun mom idea is one they really enjoy. “One Friday I had a craving for french fries, so I said ‘Today is French Fry Friday,’ and took them to McDonald’s for fries,” says Tulman.

The excursion had an unexpected benefit for her carpool because it started some fun car-ride talks. “The conversation opened around fries and turned to family and shared stories of escapades at school. Typically the car is relatively quiet on the way home, but not this time,” says Tulman.

Later, her son suggested that every Friday be French Fry Friday. “After seeing the way the experience opened the kids up, I agreed and we’ve done it every Friday ever since, even when school is out,” she said.

Not into fries? As Tulman points out, the day can be themed around anything you want.

3Be spontaneous

A lot of us make plans and try so hard to stick to them … but sometimes tossing the plans out the window can make for mega-fun days. Mom Anna Smith works at home with her toddler, so she practices regular spontaneity to mix up their days. “We make picnic lunches and walk to the lake close to our house. We do spur of the moment craft projects,” says Smith. “Once in awhile I make dessert for breakfast! It’s still healthy, it just looks like a fabulous treat!”

Sometimes the spontaneous moments are a little bigger too — like impromptu trips to nearby Disneyland or dropping everything to go into the garden. “My little one thinks it’s fun! I think the key is being flexible, and willing to change things up at the spur of the moment.”

4Play hooky (once in a while)

Okay, okay, so you aren’t supposed to play hooky … but sometimes doing so can be big for building great memories and really bonding with your kids. “My son Andy, who has recently graduated from college, tells me that a surprise trip to Alcatraz one morning is one of his happiest childhood memories,” says mom Laura Shumaker.What you said

And yes, Andy skipped school for that fun trip.

What fun things do you do to be a fun mom with your kids? Comment below!

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