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Classic American names patriotic parents are going gaga over

What’s as American as apple pie? A baby name that hails from the good, ole US of A. When the first settlers arrived several hundred years ago, they brought some solid baby names right along with them. And as pioneers moved through the country and began to blaze new trails, the popularity of these ultra-traditional baby names grew.

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If you’re looking for a “salt of the earth” name built on hard work, home and patriotism, these early American boy and girl names will deliver.

American names from the 1600s

The legendary ship, the Mayflower, departed English shores in September of 1620. Aboard were 102 passengers, about half of which were known as separatists (or pilgrims) and they arrived in Cape Cod in November. One baby was born during the voyage and received the suitable name Oceanus. The trip was arduous and while only one person died during the voyage, many more died soon after arrival as during the harsh winter they stayed aboard the ship and disease broke out. Names from this time period were often Biblical in origin (as well as what are known as Puritan names) and this trend continued throughout the next few centuries. Here are notable boy and girl names from the passengers of the Mayflower:

Early American boy names

  1. Bartholomew
  2. Christopher
  3. Degory
  4. Edward
  5. Elias
  6. Francis
  7. Giles
  8. Henry
  9. Isaac
  10. James
  11. Jasper
  12. John
  13. Love
  14. Moses
  15. Myles
  16. Oceanus
  17. Resolved
  18. Richard
  19. Robert
  20. Samuel
  21. Thomas
  22. William
  23. Wrestling

Early American girl names

  1. Alice
  2. Ann
  3. Constance
  4. Damarus
  5. Desire
  6. Dorothy
  7. Eleanor
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Ellen
  10. Humility
  11. Joan
  12. Katherine
  13. Mary
  14. Priscilla
  15. Remember
  16. Rose
  17. Sarah
  18. Susanna

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