5 Celebrity college confessions

Loni Love

Comedian (seen on Chelsea Lately and her hour-long special, Loni Love: America’s Sister on Comedy Central and on DVD)

College was a huge part of my life because it’s where I fell in love with comedy. I went to Texas A&M University and it was there that I got my first paying gig. There was a local nightclub offering a $50 prize to whomever could get up on stage and tell the best story. I barely remember the story I told, but I won the prize and continued performing all the way through graduation. After graduation I wasn’t sure what to do, but my mentor in college, Fred Sanford, was always talking about El Segundo, California, so I took a job there working for Xerox. That’s how I moved to Los Angeles, and the rest is history!”


Loni Love: Stand Up on Jay Leno

Loni Love performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.



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