5 Celebrity college confessions

Richard Reid

Actor (starring in the upcoming movie Love, Wedding, Marriage alongside Man dy Moore, Kellan Lutz, Jane Seymour and James Brolin)

“I was president of my fraternity at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We organized a week-long competition that earned money for charity, and planned plenty of parties. Once, I organized a ‘Waterwars’ themed party at our house. I put a swimming pool inside our main room, which seemed like an awesome idea until it collapsed and flooded the whole house at the end of the night. Everyone was in bathing suits so no one cared until we woke up to see the damage the next day! Since you’re ‘free’ in college you really can have the time of your life…and maybe learn a couple of things at the same time.”


Richard Reid: Red carpet arrival

Richard Reid arriving at the premiere of Letters To Juliet at Graumans Chinese Theatre.

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