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5 Celebrity college confessions

All-night cramming sessions. Wild sorority and fraternity parties. Throwing your graduation cap in the air. These are all pivotal parts of the college experience. Read on as five celebrities share their favorite college memories, from falling in love with a new career to flooding the frat house.

Danielle Fishel

Host of The Dish on The Style Network (Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT)

“My English 103 teacher, Maureen Roe, was nominated for Orange County Junior College Teacher of the Year and she needed three letters of recommendation. She was definitely one of my favorite teachers of all time and I was extremely honored when she asked me if I would write one of her recommendation letters. I worked hard to put into words what an excellent teacher she was and was very pleased when I got the good news that she did indeed win Top Teacher of the Year!”


Danielle Fishel: The Dish

Watch a clip of Danielle Fishel on “The Dish.”

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