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The benefits of being a student

With all of the loans, book purchases and living expenses, going off to college can feel pretty expensive. It’s also one of the few times in your life, however, that you can take advantage of a wide array of discounts.

College freshman


The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the mother of all discount cards for kids in college. Valid in more 120 countries, it offers students some 40,000 discounts, including price cuts to food and travel. The best part? It costs only $22 per year.

Auto insurance

Many auto insurance companies, such as Allstate, offer student discounts for people under 25 who can prove they’re full-time students. You may need to meet certain GPA requirements, but getting a break on your car insurance is a big deal (especially if you plan to take road trips home).

Movie theaters

Planning to see the latest Sex and the City movie with your roommate or college pals? Don’t forget your student ID. Most theaters, including AMC, offer discounted prices on tickets and food to students.

Tech gear

Many companies offer huge discounts on computers and other techy products to students with valid student IDs. Apple has their “Apple in Education” program, and Lenovo offers steep discounts on new ThinkPads.

Student Advantage Discount Card

Available to students who go to college in the United States, the Student Advantage Discount Card offers a host of discounts at big-name retailers, including Target, Macy’s, TopShop and Barnes & Noble — and even with travel carriers like American Airlines and Greyhound. Another benefit is the card’s cost: Just $22.50 per year.


STA Travel offers some of the best international rates going (which can be pretty handy if you’re looking to get away with friends for spring break).

College programs

Some colleges offer students deep discounts at local restaurants and shops. To see if your college has stuff on offer, visit your college administrator.

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