How to meet people at college

Going off to college and leaving your high school friends behind can seem like a daunting proposition. The good news is that meeting new people to hang out with is even easier than you might think. Here’s what to do.

College Friends

Join a club

Most colleges offer extracurricular activities in which first-year students can partake. Joining one that interests you is a great way to meet like-minded people. Check your school’s website to see what kind of activities they offer. If you can’t find a list, visit your school’s administrative office.

Get to know your dormmates

Instead of closing your dorm room door or resigning yourself to a roommate-only friendship, leave your door open when hanging out or studying. This will ensure people (who are also new and looking for new friends) see you as open and approachable (meaning they’ll be more likely to pop in and say hi). Who knows? You may even recognize a few people with whom you have classes.

Volunteer off campus

Getting out and enjoying your college’s city can introduce you to a new host of friends, too. Try volunteering for a local organization that interests you. Not only will you get to know more about your community, but you’ll also meet new people (of all ages!).

Bond in the bathroom

One of the best ways to get to know the gals on your dorm’s floor is by talking to them when you’re all in the bathroom getting ready for class or bed. Break any awkward silences with jokes, or lend a friend some toothpaste.

Start a study group

You’ll spend a large part of your college time in class or studying for exams. So why not make the most of it and start a study group for people in your class? You’ll look social and interested in the material — and you’ll meet tons of people.

Attend a sporting/campus event

Show your school spirit and get involved in campus life! Attend barbecues and sporting events (even on your own if you have to at first). Put yourself out there and you’ll surely meet a few new people. Too shy to show up alone? Ask a group of your dormmates to go along with you. Everyone is in the same boat at the beginning of freshman year, and everyone wants to meet people.

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