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Vision boards for the school year

Vision boards are a great way to set personal goals, no matter what age you are. Besides being a great reminder of your personal goals, vision boards are also fun to make!

Create a vision boardWhat is a vision board?

Vision boards illustrate what someone wants in life. It’s a personal collection of individual goals created by pasting images and words on a poster board. The images can be magazine photos, personal photos or hand-drawn pictures and sketches. There really are no restrictions — the words can be cut from media formats or be handwritten.

Have a brainstorming session using a chalkboard or dry erase board. Have your child rattle off everything that comes to mind in terms of goals, whether in academics or extra-curricular activities. Write down all their ideas, then organize them in order of importance before adding them to their vision board.

Student goals

Before she sets out to create the vision board, brainstorm with your child to identify her goals. Do they include earning an A in math or joining student council? Maybe it’s something sports related like scoring a goal in soccer or completing a kids’ marathon. The vision board is about highlighting what a student wants, so don’t place limitations on her dreams. Does she want to be a rockstar? Put that on the vision board, too!

Create a vision board for schoolHow to make the vision board

You’ll need:

  • Poster board
  • Magazines
  • Pictures
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  1. After the list of goals is complete, flip through the magazines and photographs, cutting out images and words that relate to the goals. Find stickers, draw pictures and creatively write single words that highlight the specific goal. For example, cut out the letters from a magazine that spell S-T-A-R.
  2. Paste these images sporadically onto the poster board, trying not to cover any part of the image.
  3. Place the vision board in an area where it will be seen, preferably at eye level with the student.

Using a vision board for schoolUsing the vision board

Take the student to the board and tell him to concentrate on the items he wants. Help him imagine himself with the objects on the vision board.

Return to the vision board often until the child begins to focus on his own. Encourage and remind the child about the board. The more repetitive you are, the more he’ll learn.

Allow the child to make a new vision board as often as she wants. If an item on the board has been achieved, remove the vision board and have the child create a new one.

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