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Summer activities to keep kids busy

As the days of summer laze along, you and your kids likely are having a great time with the non-structure. But as much as you and your kids may need this unfettered downtime, there may be moments when you need something to do. Something more than another trip to the seasonal ice cream shop (awesome as that may be). Now is the time to look around your community for events to fill a couple hours, or maybe a rainy day.

Story Time

Even the most free and fun summer needs some structure. Perhaps you aren’t looking for camp or a class but just something to look forward to every once in a while to round out the days. Luckily there are events that can fill that need. From the library around the corner to the museum downtown, one-time events abound in summer. You and your child can get out and do something a little different without changing the essential free and easy nature of summer.

Town librarys and recreation centers

Your town library likely is offering a summer reading program, but if that’s too much commitment for you, there probably also is drop – in story time and literacy related crafts one or two afternoons a week. Ask the children’s librarian for a schedule of events.

Town/city-run recreation centers also usually offer events in addition to camps and classes. Whether it’s a one day pick-up basketball event or a summer scavenger hunt event, these are a great way to get to know your local recreation center a little better.

Regional educational centers

Regional educational centers like nature preserves, Audubon societies, farms, and maritime centers are great resources for one time day events. There may be opportunities to meet the new baby animals, explore tidepools, learn about owls or other birds of prey, or any one of a myraid of topics. Some events include a craft, and some are meant for a parent and child to participate together.

Museums and historic sites

Museums and historic sites often offer ongoing events as a part of their regular summer progamming. You can pick and choose what you’d like to do just by showing up at the institution that day. From learning about the materials ancient Egyptians used to create vessel, finding out how early settlers carved a life from wilderness, or the ways in which chemistry affects every day life, museums offer many opportunities to learn and have fun in the summer. Check the institution website for specifics on what is available.

Summer is a time to relax and regroup and have fun. Events, both locally and regionally, are not contrary to that! Participating in an event here and there can be a great way to round out summer fun for both you and your child.?

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