11 Questions with Maria Shriver

Jun 8, 2010 at 2:45 p.m. ET

In addition to being a member of America’s royal Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver has achieved a level of fame in her own right. A seasoned TV reporter, prior to meeting and marrying former actor turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, she’s a mom to four kids ranging in age from 21 to 13 years old and an author- and can now add another title to her esteemed pedigree- Lovin Scoopful ice cream company founder.

Maria Shriver

The first lady, who is currently marrying her passion for the Special Olympics with her love of ice cream, sat down with SheKnows to talk about her latest delicious endeavor and of course, parenthood.

Why are you so passionate about the Special Olympics

I'm passionate about the Special Olympics - because it was a cause my mom (Eunice Shriver) championed and it really does change people's lives. I also happen to love ice cream as well so the concept of marrying both of my passions was especially exciting. And really what could be better than eating sumptuous ice cream that not only tastes good but that does good too?

It's Lovin Scoopful's commitment to donate 25 percent ($50,000 minimum annually) of its profits to Special Olympics and other causes. Of course this company will only be successful by word of mouth, it's impossible to compete with companies like Breyers, so we're hoping that once people try it they'll start to ask for it at their local markets.

What's your parenting philosophy?

If you asked my kids, Katherine 20, Christina, 18, Patrick 16, and Christopher 12, they'd say sometimes my parenting philosophy is strict and sometimes it's lenient. It really depends on each individual situation.

How do you deal with a public tantrum?

I remember I always tried to stay calm and just breathe -- it's probably every parent's worst nightmare and I guess my best advice would be to know that every parent who is looking at you has been through the exact same experience.

Who are my parenting role models?

My parents.

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