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Unique ways to bond with dad

Once a year, we honor Dad. How, exactly, that honoring happens often is a matter of family tradition. Perhaps it’s leaving Dad alone for the day, or a big extended family barbecue. Maybe it’s a day spent watching participating in sports. Maybe it’s something entirely different – maybe it’s the unexpected.

Art class with dad

Father’s Day activities arent’ just “manly man” activities; they can be anything you and Dad want them to be. And why stick with the “traditional” when there is so much fun and interesting stuff out there to do and learn about? You never know – a new interest and a new family tradition might just develop.

Art Museum or gallery walk

When was the last time you and the family went to the local art museum or walked through the local gallergy district? Really! Dads can be interested in the arts, too, and the dad in your family might suprise you with some real interest in and knowledge of certain genres. Maybe he’s into the Greek and Egyptian artifact, or has some affinity for modern art. Galleries, especially those of local artists and artisans, offer the opportunity to get to know different forms of expression up close and learn how the art is created.

Take a class with Dad

Depending on kids’ ages, maybe Dad’s Father’s Day gift could be a class with his kids? A cooking class? Or food related like cheese making or soda making? Maybe it’s horse riding or acting classes or glassblowing or photography? You must make sure the subject matter is age appropriate, of course, but classes – whether on Father’s Day itself or shortly thereafter – and a unique way to celebrate the father-child bond. They emphasize the shared experience as well as the learning.

Spa day with Dad?

Dads get stressed, too, and could use a little pampering. A massage, a facial, a good pedicure – aahhhhh. If there’s a good spa at a local hotel, you can often get a package that will allow the kids and mom to use the pool while Dad gets the kinks worked out of his hard-working shoulders. Other spas have dad specials that can be used on Father’s Day itself, or later.

Making the most of Father’s Day isn’t always scheduling tee time. For some dads, tea time with the family is just as wonderful. Think outside the usual Father’s Day box to come up with something different and special and unique for your unique dad. The tradtional can be terrific, yes, but the non-traditional can be extra terrific.

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