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Readers tell: My favorite way to bond with dad

Tossing the ball, an afternoon fishing or grilling burgers with the man who raised us can make terrific memories. Our readers share some of their favorite moments with their dad.

Dad and daughter reading

Love of books

“My dad is a book collector and an avid reader. Even though he traveled for business most of my childhood, he collected signed and first edition children’s books for my sister and I, and would come home and read them to us. As I got older, he would take me out on Friday nights to Barnes & Noble where we would pick out books and read magazines. Thanks to my dad, I have a collection of beautiful books to read to my own children someday.” – Brooke Henze, Georgia

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At the track

“It’s all girls in my family so we make treks to the horse races with my dad on his birthday and Father’s Day. We all sit together, compare picks, eat racing food and let him educate us on the best jockeys.” – Shelly Walker Santa Monica, California

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Ice cream fun

“Whenever I go home to see my family in West Virginia my Dad and I hop in the car and go to the local Dairy Queen where we order our normal — a Peanut Buster Parfait for me and a Banana Split for him. Then we sit in the car and ‘people watch’ while enjoying our dessert.” – Rachel Rule, Alexandria, Virginia

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Vintage vehicles

“My favorite time with my Dad is going to Sunday morning vintage European car shows. It’s amazing to hear his vast knowledge on classic sports cars and the car racers of his time. His passion for this subject just exudes from him, and it’s very hard not to get enthusiastic myself about it.” – Aaron Gil, San Marino, California

Off to the races

“My dad and I love to run together. Ten years ago, we ran the Boston Marathon together! Just last December, we ran a self-directed 50K race.” – Karen Shopoff Rooff, Austin, Texas

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Diving in

“My dad and I both have a deep love for adventure and have traveled the world together. On our trips we always manage to find a way to fit in a few dive trips as he passed on his love for scuba diving to me. My favorites definitely include the Similan Islands in Thailand and diving off the coast of Costa Rica. However, the best dive we shared was in Tulamben, Bali, where we dove to a shipwreck. It was truly an inspiring moment — swimming around a sunken ship full of fish and other sea life, a pretty scary barracuda and a few endangered purple seahorses.” – Kimmie Kaspar, New York, New York

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At the ballpark

“From my childhood days through to my now 40s, watching Yankee baseball with my dad has always been a memorable and fun bonding experience: arguing plays, getting annoyed at the announcers and, when he was able, going to the ballpark and experiencing the live events of the day and the food choices that we brought or succumbed to buy. I specifically loved watching Old Timers Day with him, because he actually experienced watching the older Yankee Legends in their finest form.” – Heidi Schwartz, New Jersey

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