Craft: Scratch off Father’s Day card

Really personalize this card for Dad with special scratch-off messages. Created by Design Dazzle, this card is definitely something special.

If you want to add a little something extra, you can put a few lottery scratch-off tickets in the card to continue the gift and theme for Father’s Day!



•Silver craft paint
•Dishwashing liquid
•Clear contact paper or clear laminating sheet
•Father’s Day card – Download here



1. Mix silver acrylic paint with dishwashing liquid – two parts paint to one part liquid. To help darken the silver, add a drop of black paint. Paint the clear laminating sheet (or whichever clear sticky paper) with your paint mixture – you might need to paint two coats. Let completely dry.
2. Cut out five two-inch circles from the sheet and peel off the backing. On the inside of the card, cover each printed circle with the scratch off sticker.
3. Include a craft stick inside the scratch off card and now it’s ready to give to your favorite dad!


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