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Craft: Styrofoam baseball memo holder

For the sports aficionado Dad, create this Styrofoam baseball memo holder from

You can personalize it to Dad’s favorite team and it will certainly come in handy when he is hard at work. Leave Dad notes with reminders and notes to show how much your kids care!



•STYROFOAM™ brand foam ball, 3-inch (1 per holder)
•Small ceramic magnets
•Fine-tip marker, red
•Cardboard, 4-inch square (1 per holder)
•Plastic carryout knife
•Candle stub or paraffin pencil
•Medium flat paintbrush
•Disposable palette
•Water basin
•Paper towels
•Blunt scissors
•Thick white craft glue



1. Firmly press a foam ball against the work surface to slightly flatten the bottom to prevent it from rolling around.
2. Lightly draw a 3-inch circle in the center of opposite sides of the ball; retrace the lines with a dull pencil.
3. Wax the plastic knife with a candle stub or paraffin. Cut the ball in half across the center of the circles. Paint each half-ball with white; let dry completely. When dry, use a red pen to redraw the lines and to add stitching as shown.
4. Glue magnets to the inside center of each half-ball, being sure to test the direction of the attraction to ensure proper magnet placement.
5. Glue the bottom of one half-ball to the center of a cardboard square. Place message between the halves, secured by magnets.?


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