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Craft: Tie-dye tie

Get a little funky with this tie-dyed tie for Dad this year.

This crafty idea comes to us from The Messy Artist, a children’s art studio in South Orange, NJ. It’s is a fun way for Dad to really dress up his everyday wardrobe and his Casual Fridays attire!?



•White Silk Tie
•Liquid Watercolor Paints
•Q-Tips, one for each color
•Old tooth brushes, one for each color
•Popsicle sticks, one for each color
•Small plastic cups for paints, one for each color



1. Pour a little bit of each color of paint in each of your plastic cups.
2. Dip your Q-tip in one color of paint and dot it on your tie. The tie will quickly absorb the paint.
3. Dip a new Q-tip in a different color and dot it on your tie.
4. Dip the toothbrush into one color of liquid watercolor paint. ?5. Hold your toothbrush about an inch over your tie
6. Use your popsicle stick and scrape it along the bristles of your tooth brush. The paint will splatter all over your tie.
7. Use a new toothbrush for each new color.
8. You can also dip your toothbrush into the paint and shake it over your tie. Use a lot of wrist action for this splattering effect to work right. Keep your hand close to your tie to avoid splattering paint all over your house!
9. Continue to work with your Q-tips and toothbrushes to paint the entire tie. The paints spread and mix easily to create a colorful tie-dyed effect!

Video: How to tie dye


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