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Inexpensive photo crafts for Father’s Day

Photo gifts are a popular Father’s Day gifts. There are mamy terrific options out there for putting your kids’ cute mug on just about everything. But sometimes, whether it’s due to delayed planning or cost considerations, some of those great photo gifts for Father’s Day just don’t happen. You can still give great photo gifts for Father’s Day, however.

Mom taking photo with child

With a little creativity and a few prints of favorite kid photographs (and a couple other minor supplies) you can make some great photo gifts for Father’s Day. Open you mind and get out some supplies…and have fun!

First, take some fun photos

Get creative with that camera! Take pictures of kid on swings, trampolines, doing somersaults, pretending to fly, anything! Change your point of view: get down low and look up or get up high and look down. Sneak pictures around corners, take pictures of hands and feet, get up really close. (Get more tips here on taking great photos of kids.)

There are several free photo processing applications available online. Try printing the photos in black and white, or upping the saturation on them, too, for further effect. Generally, have fun with them!

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Photograph a message

Sometimes the craft is what’s in the photograph, not what you do with the photograph. Try taking photos of your kids forming letters with their bodies, then building those prints into a message for dad – “My dad rocks!” for example. Or take photos of your kids holding signs spelling words, or entired sentences. Depending on how many individual prints you have, you can put them in a series of frames, or collage them.

Photo collage

The easiest photo craft to make is a photo collage. Literally cut out images of your kids from photo prints, and collage them onto a piece of posterboard sized to fit in a standard sized photo frame. Cut out other parts of the photos, too, such as flowers or train cars or baseball or whatever.

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Have fun with your placement and really fill-out the image area. Then place it in a frame from the discount store put a bow on it and you have a fun gift for Dad. You could even take this one step further and decoupage the photo frame.

3-D Photo

Take two prints of the same photo of your child. Leave one alone, but with the other, cut out just your childs figure or face. Take several strips of paper about 1/2 inch wide and 1 inch long and fold them into accordions. Glue them onto the back of the cut out image and onto the front of the uncut photo, matching up the images. Place it in a frame with the glass removed.

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Weave a photo

Weaving a photo is a striking way to treat a favorite photo of your child. Take two prints of the same photo. With one, Cut it into even strips vertically; with the other cut it into even strips horizonally. Now weave the strips together and put them in a frame.

Make a photo mobile

Using a wire hanger, thread, and several photos, you can create a hanging mobile to display favorite photos. Cut the wire hanger into a couple of pieces and use a needlenose pliers to turn in the ends so they aren’t sharp. Tie thread to the ends of the wire, and “sew” the thread to a couple of photos placed back to back.

Be crafty

Photos can be so much more than “just” photos, and doing a project yourself for Dad this Father’s Day can be extremely rewarding. Let your creativity show!

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