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Monday Mom challenge: Create a fab Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up quickly, and it’s time to show Dad how much you care. Whether it’s something traditional (golf? fishing?) or tasty (a terrific meal?) or silly (an amusement park?), planning a day of celebration with and for the dad in your household is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate him. Start planning now for a day filled with family fun, fatherly appreciation and great memories for the kids.

Mini Golf with Dad

Make it a day for family

While some families traditionally leave Dad alone on Father’s Day, what better way to celebrate what it means to be a father than to have a day full of family fun?

Sure, Dad can sleep in and have a lazy breakfast, but an activity for the whole family — if only for a couple of hours — is a great way to make some wonderful memories. Better yet, plan a series of shorter activities or events.

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Maybe you enjoy two fun activities with Dad, and then leave him to watch the game for a while, and get back together for a terrific family dinner (or some other variation). Make sure you ask Dad what he’d really like to do, of course, and keep plans realistic for all family members — especially the youngest in the bunch.

Get active

If Dad likes to golf or fish, by all means, golf or fish — though maybe it’s mini-golf and pond fishing instead of 18 holes or a deep-sea excursion. Also consider other options such as an indoor climbing gym, a scenic family bike ride, some fun at the local batting cages or some structured activites. Maybe Dad prefers to go unstructured and explore a local park or the tidepools at the beach. No matter what it is, getting active as a family on Father’s Day is a great way to make it memorable.

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Keep a record

During your day of Dad-focused family fun, keep your camera out and active, too. Record all you do and follow up the day by printing out a favorite picture or even creating a photo album. Making fun on Father’s Day is making memories, too, for all of you, and a record of your day together is a wonderful keepsake.

Father’s Day isn’t just for Dad… it’s for all of us, really. Make it a fun day for him — and the whole family.

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