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The Skinny Mommies and Fat Kids phenomenon

Mothers work so hard during the year and rarely get the appreciation they deserve. Personally, I think that one day a year is not enough! At the same time, Mother’s Day is also a perfect opportunity for moms to examine their relationship with their kids and the way they raise them. I am especially aiming at a new trend I am seeing all around and I call it the Skinny Mommies – Fat Kids phenomenon.

overweight child

I can spot them everywhere. They are in the malls, the parks, the movies, restaurants and playgrounds. I see those moms who maintain a very strict diet and and are in tip-top shape. They watch what they eat, go to the gym on a regular basis,  do yoga several times a week and they read every food label thourougly.

These mommies treat their bodies like a holy shrine

They are always in top shape, wear make-up and often even have plastic surgery to make them look good and feel as best as they can. These moms may be working moms or stay- at- home moms, but one thing is common to all of those moms: their health and appearance is top priority for them and they invest time and money in making sure they look and feel their best.

And this is where the contrast begins. While the mommies are very cautious about their bodies, they appear to treat their kids the opposite way. While the mommie refuse desert for low-calorie foods, their kids are being treated like a garbage disposal. The kids eat junk food, drink sodas, eat processed foods, rarely exercise, spend their days in front of the TV and often have very little interaction with their parents and, not surprising, slowly get fat.

Invest in your kids

The contrast is very obvious and upsetting. The moms who have the power to make the change and the knowledge to care for their bodies and health do not treat their kids the same way. I am not saying that all kids need to be model- thin and wearing all the latest brands, but at least teach them good eating habits, including how to read the labels and the importance of exercise.
Come on, moms – and dads! Give your kids a chance in life. Give them the basic tools to cope with their eating habits and invest less in yourself and more in your kids. They will thank you forever for this.

Barack Levin is the author of The Diaper Chronicles– A stay at home dad’s quest for raising great kids, available through his website at

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