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Top 12 graduation gifts for college-bound students


Teen girl moving into college


Digital memo pad

Generation Y loves their technology, so send your future college freshman off with a digital notepad like the SolidTek DigiMemo L2 digital notepad (Amazon, $138). With the ability to store notes, sketches and more this tech gift makes it easy to save your ideas or class notes directly to flash memory.


Run-away alarm clock

Cut down on the worry that your son or daughter will miss class because he or she hit snooze too many times with a runaway clock, like Clocky (Nanda Home, $45). After the first hit of the snooze button, the clock rolls away and hides, dragging the snoozer out of bed to turn off the alarm if they choose to sleep in.


Kitchen goods

From pots and pans to microwave cooking essentials, getting your grad ready to survive dorm life can be easier with the right tools in the kitchen — even if they do only live on instant noodles for the next four years.


Handy shelf

A dorm room or college apartment may be big on freedom, but small in size. Add-ons that give your grad more space like the Mini-Mantle (Amazon, $13) not only fits on any bed, it lets him or her keep small essentials nearby for a long night of studying.


Dorm room essentials

Whether heading off to the dorms or a new college pad, your future alumnus will need some of the comforts of home. From laundry bags to under-bed storage filled with towels and sheets, stocking a grad up with the basics will make leaving the nest easier — for him or her, at least.


The Real Freshman Handbook

This humorous book (Amazon, $8) by Jennifer Hanson offers freshman-bound graduates real tips and an inside look at college life. For kids who are nervous about heading to a place of higher learning next fall, this fun book may help ease the butterflies in his or her stomach.

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