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5 Funny baby and kid videos we love

Who doesn’t love a guaranteed-to-make-you-laugh video? You’re in luck because we’ve scouted out five of our favorite funny baby and kid videos that make us laugh till we cry, every single time we watch them. Enjoy, because we’ve got to get back to work now!


Sisters, sisters

In this home movie, 23-week-old identical twin girls discover each other for the first time and it turns out, they think their mirror image is pretty darn funny. Congratulations, mom and dad, these girls have ready-made entertainment for years to come!





Baby bloopers

This baby video shouldn’t be funny, but we can’t help laughing as these toddlers and kids trip, fall and bonk their heads. We’re sure mommy and daddy scooped them right up with hugs and kisses … right after they put down the video camera!





Dancing with the kids

These siblings get “low, low, low” to a popular Flo Rida song in this hilarious home video. Wait for the worm and interpretive dance at about the 1:30 mark. We can tell this little guy will be the hit of his first school dance! Mom must have been using a tri-pod to keep that camera steady because we can’t stop laughing.





Laugh till you fall over

Little Ethan loves ripped paper so much, he laughs till he falls over. Oh, the simple joys in life!





Put these in the scrapbook

Oh kids, is there nothing they won’t put in their mouth? This compilation of funny kid pictures will make you glad your kids are as well behaved as they are!





Have your own favorite funny baby or kid video?

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