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10 pampering birthday gifts for moms

Are you looking for a birthday gift for that special mom in your life? These pampering gifts are perfect for any time that you want to show appreciation to the fabulous mom in your life.

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Moms do so much, don’t they? Stretched thin, they hold it all together and keep everyone on track and on time … and it doesn’t need to be their birthday or Mother’s Day to show them how much you appreciate all they do.

Here are a few fabulous ways to honor the moms in your life … any day of the year.

1. A few hours solo

The responsibilities of a mom are always there, always constant … and sometimes the constant repeat of cook, clean, bathe, repeat can wear on a woman. Every mom needs a few hours now and again to be free of this routine so that she can recharge. Offer to take the kids for a couple hours. She’ll appreciate it!

2. A quiet lunch

Eating meals as a family is important, but sometimes its nice to just sit down and eat – rather than having to cut up everyone’s chicken and encourage just one more bite of peas. Give mom a chance to eat solo (or with good friends!) at a favorite restaurant (and hey, combine this with #1!).

3. A mani/pedi

Remember the pre-kid days when her nails were always polished and her feet always soft? Those pampering treats may have been the norm then, but now, she probably doesn’t have a chance to. Get her a gift certificate so she can steal some moments away and remember how good it feels to have a fresh coat of polish.

4. Breakfast in bed

She may usually be the one making breakfast, but when you want to pamper her a little, serve it to the special mom in your life. Even better? Serve it in bed. Just be sure to stick to bed-friendly foods (sticky syrup and sloppy cereal are not a great idea!).

5. A spa day

Tension? Check! Backache? Check! If you are looking for an extra-special treat, give her a gift certificate for a spa day. She’ll love a rejuvenating massage or a skin-reviving facial. And she’ll come out feeling better than ever.

6. Products for a special bathtime

Even when you can’t give her a spa day, she can relax and revive in a bath at home. Give her special body wash or some awesome bubble bath to make the bath even better. Check out the Spa Wisdom™ Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil from The Body Shop, which is said to harmonize the body. It can be added to bath water or used as a moisturizer. Another good pick? The Let’s Circulate™ Salt Rub soap from Origins , which massages and buffers the skin.

7. Her favorite bottle of wine

Does she love wine? Then she probably has a favorite — and it may not be one she buys often. Maybe it’s too expensive or maybe she wants it to be a special once-in-a-while treat … whatever it is, picking up that one favorite bottle is always a treat that’s perfect for pampering her.

8. A cozy new robe

Go! Go! Go! It’s like the fighting chant of all moms. But sometimes, moms need to just stop and relax. Help her to find her inner zen with a comfortable or sexy robe to indulge her inner chic diva. The Supersoft Lounge Robe from Victoria’s Secret would be perfect. Another lovely pick? Natori’s Mandarin Kimono Robe with its sleek, sexy shawl collar and open front.

9. Fabulous chocolate

Chocolate does every woman’s body good. It’s proven to improve moods and dark chocolate can even offer some health benefits. So, pamper her a little any day by picking up some lovely chocolates for her. For something decadent, smooth and splendid, check out the Signature Chocolates from Knipschildt Chocolatier or the Taittinger Champagne Truffles from Jacques Torres Chocolate.

10. Sleeping in

Once you have kids, your sleep schedule changes drastically. Gone are the days of leisurely mornings and uber-late nights. In are midnight feedings, and 3 a.m. wake-up calls. Pamper mom a bit by letting her claim a little more rest when she least expects it. How? Get up with the kids and let her sleep in as long as she likes. It will be a fabulous treat.

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