3 Flower crafts for kids

Hellllooo, Spring! It’s a fantastic time to do some fun crafts with your kids. These easy floral-inspired projects are a fun project for your creative kids.

Paper Flower

The word “craft” can strike a fearsome cord in those of us who aren’t really artistically skilled. And craft stores? They can be pretty scary too … all those rows of paints, felts, papers and more can leave you more uncertain and confused than ready to create.

Fear not! That shouldn’t stop you from having some crafting fun with your kids. Armed with ideas for a few fabulous, easy crafts, you can make awesome projects — no Martha Stewart skill required. These are the perfect three crafts to start on. Grab your kids, pick up the supplies (most are available at Target and Walmart!) and get creating.

Fabulous flower shirt

paper flowers

Your little girl is sure to dazzle in a fabulous homemade flower shirt. Let her help with the design and creation, and she will have an awesome sense of pride whenever she wears it.

Here’s how to make it.


  • 1 sheet of heavy-stock paper
  • 1 T-shirt
  • newspaper, garbage bag, and/or cardboard
  • spray-on fabric paint in desired colors (for petals)
  • metallic fabric paint (for flower center)

1. Cut out a basic flower shape from the heavy stock paper. You can do a deep scallop-edged shape or do uneven scallops for variety. From the cut out portion, cut a circle. Pictured is the Spring Magnolia Paper Flower Kit from Paper-Source.com.

2. Lay the T-shirt flat on newspaper or a garbage bag. Separate the layers of the T-shirt with either some newspaper or a piece of cardboard. Tape the paper with the flower shape cut out onto the T-shirt in desired location. Using either double-sided tape or a piece of tape rolled, tape the circle in the center of the flower shape.

3. Using the spray-on fabric paint, spray the petal area. Be careful to avoid over-spray around the edges of the paper. Allow to dry completely before removing the stencil.

4. Use the metallic fabric paint to decorate the center of the flower. You have a few options here: You can just outline it and fill it in with paint. You can do a swirl pattern. You can also do a series of dots around the center as well. Allow paint to dry completely before moving.

foam flowersFlower door hangers

Add some pizazz your your kid’s door with a cute flower door hanger. They will love creating it, especially if you let them help with the cutting and gluing which is a great way to build fine motor skills.


  • Foam rubber sheets
  • pom-poms
  • school glue (the white glue)
  • ribbon

1. Draw or have your child draw a flower on the foam rubber sheet. Use scissors to cut out the shape.

2. In the center of the flower, dot with school glue and stick pom-poms. Let fully dry before continuing.

3. Cut a hole in the top of the flower. Feed ribbon through and tie securely, forming a loop.

Paper flower bouquet

This is one of my all time favorite crafts. I learned to make these at camp years and years ago and adore their sweet simplicity. Debbie Scaccio, Arts & Crafts Specialist at the Block Institute, shared these easy instructions.


  • Tissue paper
  • Chenille pipe cleaners

1. With the help of an adult, cut 2 or 3 inch circles out of tissue paper.

2. Attach with a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) by slightly poking a hole through 6 tissue paper circles.

3. Have the child crumple each circle individually in the shape of a flower. You can make three or more flowers to make a lovely bouquet.

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