Unique out-of-the-box Mother’s Day gifts

Sure, you love your chipped “#1 Mom” mug, your powder-puff pink “#1 mom” sweatshirt and gold-plated necklace. This Mother’s Day, though, you’re hoping your significant other will come up with some other type of gift, preferably not one emblazoned with “#1 mom.” Of course, you wear your #1 mom status like a badge of honor, but this Mother’s Day you’re hoping for something you can actually wear or use outside the confines of your four walls.

We’ve combed every nook and cranny of the Web in search of a gift with a true wow! factor. And all you need to do now is print out our list and put it under your husband’s pillow.

Sobral braceletFor the mom who loves jewelry

Created in “the happiest city on earth” — Rio de Janeiro — Sobral’s cheerful jewelry is sure to put a smile on any mom’s face. Each SOBRAL piece is lovingly crafted by hand (so no two pieces are exactly alike) and made of a unique, lightweight recycled resin with an exquisite finish. Their colorful and eye-popping bracelets, rings and necklaces in azure blue, hot pink, lime green and a tapestry of other brilliant shades will add the perfect pop of color to any mom’s ensemble or living space.

Plus, as a “green” company, Sobral uses recycled materials in its most popular resin collections. Equally important, Sobral’s entire production process is eco-friendly, all the way through to its 100 percent oxy-biodegradable packaging. Check out neat picture frames and vases too!

For the mom who is all about the personal

Looking to give your mom a present that you design yourself? Pose Prints features customized announcements, recipe cards and personalized note cards with the background of your choice. You can create an electronic look-alike image of your hot mom from a wide range of predrawn facial features and accessories (think martini glass/tennis racquet/loved pet). Your mom will love both her personalized set and the extra time you took to create it!

Mom's coffee padFor the mom who loves making lists

The Bonnie Marcus collection features trendy pink and black notepads and pocket pads that are perfect for shopping lists and simple reminders. This year’s collection includes chic travel totes and flip flops ideal for weekend getaways (hint hint!) Now moms can make their lists and look stylish, too.

For the mom who loves to design

With the Design a Bag Kit by 1154 Lill Studio, moms can design their own handbags, totes and accessories at home or with a bit of input from the gift-giver. Each kit includes a sample bag, 30 fabric swatches, a simple order form and a pre-paid return label to ship everything back to 1154 Lill Studio HQ in Chicago. There, her one-of-a-kind custom bag is crafted to her specifications. Moms can mix and match fabrics, colors and patterns, and choose fabric for the exterior body, interior lining, straps, pockets and more. The order form will guide her to record her choices for each. After she’s designed her bag, she puts everything back in the box, slaps on the included prepaid label and sends it back to Lill. Three weeks later, her one-of-a-kind bag is shipped back to her.

For the mom who loves her pooch

Most moms consider their pooches their children. And this Mother’s Day, The Shabby Dog has fashionable accessories, frames and bowls for every mommy dog lover. Check out the hands-free dog cuff and leash: It comes in fun spring colors and even includes a Swarovski-cut watch to keep time while still looking gorgeous. If you really want your mom to stand out in the park, she can rock their bling-y heart cuff in black and pink, as well. The Shabby Dog Puppercise leash comes complete with a pedometer, so Mom can count calories on her daily walk with Fido.

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