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Stressed out mom? Try changing your attitude!

As rewarding as parenting is, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. The constant juggle of day to day demands and obligations can take a toll on energy reserves. What can you do when things seem overwhelming?

Stressed Mom

Many parents are rushing around from one soccer game to the next PTA meeting and trying to keep up with work schedules, family dinners and household chores in between. Life is busy and difficult to manage sometimes. Having a positive attitude can help reinforce the stamina needed to keep going.

Attitude is never static. It is an on-going dynamic, sensitive, perceptual process. It shows in the way you look, stand, walk and talk. If you are cheerful you convey a likeable demeanour. We all need other people. So when our attitude is optimistic we tend to attract other people who tend to form a network of support. These people can give your attitude the perspective, focus and motivation to remain positive. The more people we have in our corner the easier it is for us to ask for help when we need it.

When negative feelings creep in

It is not impossible for negative feelings to creep in from time to time. Being mindful of the damaging effects these negative feelings can have on your overall functioning is what is important. If you choose to concentrate on the pessimistic side of your situation, those negative feelings will be reflected in your disposition, which will only project onto those around you, especially your children. When this happens, you could lose our objectivity. Instead of doing things to improve your situation, you end up spinning your wheels in chaos.

Here are 5 advantages to having a positive attitude:

1. A positive attitude triggers enthusiasm. When we are excited about the tasks that lay ahead of us we are more eager to get up and get going. We can decide to enjoy the winter day or complain about it. If we decide to enjoy it, having to stand out in the cold to watch our child compete in a downhill race won’t feel so bad!

2. A positive attitude enhances creativity. Being positive opens your mind to all kinds of possibilities. Ideas and solutions rise to the surface of your conscience.

3. A positive attitude enhances personality. People want to be around you. Your smile is infectious, your laugh comforting. You make other people in a good mood and they will want to cooperate with you.

4. A positive attitude makes the bad not seem so bad. People who maintain an optimistic view tend to handle stress much easier than those who dwell on the negative. They are less emotionally impacted and waste less time ruminating on what went wrong but concentrate on how to make it right.

5. A positive attitude boosts energy. And when we have energy we get more done! Not to mention we feel better when we have energy than when we are run ragged and exhausted.

More tips for stressed-out moms:

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