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Quick, easy lunch spots after a playdate

Playdates make for great fun — not just for kids, but for moms, too. While your children play, you have time to catch up with other moms. But why stop with a playdate? Add lunch to your outing with one of these great kid-friendly, mom-happy lunch stops.

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Peanut Butter & CoWhat better lunch place for kids and moms than a sandwich shop that serves 12 different kinds of peanut butter sandwiches, along with peanut-butter-inspired milkshakes and desserts? The restaurant also offers several comfort-food sandwiches such as tuna and baloney-cheese, plus six different kinds of milk — among them rice and soy .

Chili’s Bar & GrillA great place for evening drinks and appetizers, Chili’s also offers family-oriented, post-playdate places across the US. The Pepper Pals menu features kid faves such as burgers, chicken strips and pizza. Moms can find plenty of choices, from salads and tacos to seafood and chicken.


Portillo’s Hot DogsScattered across Illinois, Portillo’s features typical kid favorites, such as hot dogs, burgers and milkshakes, plus mom-friendly dishes such as a grilled tuna sandwich and chicken pecan salad.

Giordano’sGiordano’s, a deep-dish Chicago favorite, serves up more than just pizza – moms will find their share of salads, sandwiches and pastas. Kids can share a thin crust pizza or spaghetti and meatballs, to name a few.

CooperElla: Kid friendly to the core, CooperElla is a local café and coffeehouse in Maplewood, Missouri, that offers a great breakfast and lunch menu just for kids. Favorites include French toast sticks, grilled cheese and chicken fingers. Moms have an extensive menu filled with items such as a veggie burrito, California wrap, and soup and salad combo.  


Chinook’sThis restaurant is a field trip in and of itself, especially if you get deck seating in warm weather. Located at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle, Washington (which is home to more than 700 commercial fishing boats), kids will be mesmerized by the goings-on at this noisy, active site.

Old Wives’ TalesThis locally owned Portland, Oregon, restaurant serves kids well with crayons and coloring pages, mini water cups and a lengthy menu. A children’s play area lets moms chat after the meal is over. The restaurant also serves gluten-free and dairy-free options.


M Café: After a trip to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, try the M Café for an after-playdate lunch. This locally owned restaurant has a menu chock full of kid favorites such as pizza, macaroni and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For moms, there are hoagies, Panini sandwiches, wraps,  soups and salads.

Joe’s Farm GrillTreats such as root beer floats and grilled peanut butter-banana split sandwiches will take you right back to childhood in this fun spot. (Don’t worry: It has salads, too.) Kids can choose from items such as pizza, chicken tenders and corn dog bites. Order your food, then sit outside beneath the shade trees at one of the picnic tables and let the kids roam free.


TooJay’sThis award-winning central Florida restaurant chain serves kid-friendly choices as well as fabulous, healthy grown-up deli delights. They also offer heart-healthy and vegetarian dishes.

The Real Chow BabyLocated at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, this choose-for-yourself stir-fry restaurant makes for a fun follow-up to a playdate. The menu offers kid standards like chicken fingers, but most kids get in on the fun and choose their own ingredients from rice, noodles, meats and veggies (OK, maybe not the veggies).

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