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20 Moms to follow on Twitter

No matter how you feel about social networking, you can’t deny the power of the tweet. The popularity of Twitter has exploded in recent years, making it one of the most powerful forms of communication available in cyberspace. Collectively, moms project a loud voice via Twitter, speaking out on everything from chaotic schedules and messy husbands to crafts and politics.

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Although Twitter can be a great networking tool, navigating the sea of tweets can be daunting and time consuming. Here are some suggestions for follow-worthy mamas.

Twitter Mom #1: Jenna McCarthy


Jenna is a hilarious, internationally published writer who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her wit and humor are so endearing, you’ll want her for a best friend. Here’s a recent post: “67% of married couples report a significant increase in hostility in the first year after having kids. Huh. Is that all?”



Twitter Mom #2: Marcy


Marcy is a mom from Columbus, Ohio, who is dedicated to helping other moms stretch their dollars. She is a coupon expert and tweets about free offers, outrageous sales and rebates.



Twitter Mom #3: Kayt Sukel


Kayt is a freelance writer and contributor to She shares about her adventures with her 4-year-old son, Chet, as well as travel tips and latest destination picks.



Twitter Mom #4: Tricia Goyer


Tricia is a mother of three from Montana and author of 24 novels and several non-fiction books. Her inspirational voice motivates ordinary women to accomplish the extraordinary in life.



Twitter Mom #5: Liz Strauss


A Chicago-based brand strategist, Liz has a unique perspective on the relationship between consumer brands and their customers. She helps women achieve their professional goals by harnessing the powers of branding and social networking. Perfect for entrepreneurs.



Twitter Mom #6: Lucretia M Pruitt


Lucretia is a Denver-area mom who writes about her experiences as a 21st-century mom. A former programmer and computer information systems professor, Lucretia is a self-proclaimed geek whose writing is to the point and void of all frivolity.



Twitter Mom #7: Jessica Smith


Jessica is a mother, wife and social media expert based in Sacramento, California. She was named one of the Top 15 People to Watch by Sacramento Magazine in 2010. She shares insight on the work/life balance as well as professional advice. Her voice is smart, surprisingly funny and genuine.



Twitter Mom #8: Kelby Carr


Kelby tweets and blogs from Asheville, North Carolina. Recent tweets include fun craft ideas for kids, tips for housecleaning with toddlers, and daily chore charts. Mommy bloggers will find a friend in Kelby. She is a big proponent of mom blogging as a business.



Twitter Mom #9: McMommy


This Florida mom documents her adventures in motherhood via her blog,, and Twitter. Followers will learn about everything from easy recipes to hilarious observations about the world from a mother’s perspective.



Twitter Mom #10: Trisha Haas


Trisha’s tweets are as wildly funny as her blog, She speaks candidly about her adventures as a mom and popular blogger. If you want to be entertained on a daily basis, momdot is a must-follow.



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