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Get kids involved in painting their rooms

One of the easiest home improvement projects around is a can of paint. With a gallon of a fabulous color and a few hours, you can transform a blah room into a wow one. You might think you need to exclude your child from such a project, but you don’t. You and your kids can have a lot of fun working together to transform your home.

Girl and Mom painting room

Whether it’s a common area or your child’s room, inside or outside, involving your child in a painting project in your home can be lots of fun. Kids love to help and feel like they are being useful. And how often do you tell them, “Yes, go ahead and paint on the walls!” Sure, they might not last to the last detail — but while they are ready and willing, take advantage and enjoy a little home improvement together.

The fume issue

Before you get started, however, consider paint fumes. They can be noxious even for adults! Thankfully, there are a number of companies producing low odor paints that are still high quality and have lovely color options. They may cost a little more than traditional paints, but likely will make the painting experience more comfortable for all of you.

>> Find out where you can find kid-safe paint here

Get ready!

Before you give your child a paintbrush, get the space – and your child ready. Tape off areas not to be painted, put down drop cloths, then put down more drop cloths, and cover both of you in old clothing. Dad’s old ripped college tshirt make look more like a dress on your daughter, but it covers well. Don’t forget bandanas for hair!

Let go of perfection

Show your child where to paint, and let them at it. Don’t worry about perfect technique, and know you might have to paint over that area a little. That’s okay. Don’t enforce a deadline. Put on some music and dance while you paint. Let go and let the project be an exercise in fun as much as an exercise in home improvement.

Kid art on the side

If you have leftover paint – and if you have additional leftover paint from other projects – buy a large canvas and let you child paint whatever they want with that leftover paint. You’ll have accent art for you newly painted room!

When your family painting project is done, you’ll all have a sense of satisfaction in your spruced up house. Maybe your child will even compel you to do more projects together. Before you know it, your old home will feel brand new, and you will have had lots of fun getting there.


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