Spring break with the kids: Become a tourist in your hometown

Big city or small town, there are likely parts of your hometown you haven’t visited recently. Maybe it’s some conservation land, or an amusement park, or a historic site, even something your town is well known for. Since you live there, it may feel like nothing special to you, it’ll always be there, so why bother?

Family taking vacation at home

Except that you might actually be missing something. When we live some place, especially for a long while, it’s rather natural to take some things for granted. But when you take the time to try to see some of your every day surroundings as a visitor might, you open yourself up something new and different and possibly wonderful. Add in a child’s easy wonder, and you have some great activities right near home. Spring break is the perfect time to become a tourist with your child in your home town.

Through different eyes

What we as adults might see as worn down or a little cheesy might look like something completely different to a child. Take your child to your local tourist attractions and let your child lead you; let your child show you the vivid colors, the details and the big picture. Let your child open your eyes to the joy of discovery for the first time. Be open to the same old park or monument as something totally new. Take your camera and record your new discoveries (Aloha shirt and socks with sandals optional).

New appreciation and renewed knowledge

Making a concerted effort to see your hometown through new eyes – yours and your child’s – can lead to new appreciation to how and why your hometown is special. Along the way you may learn historical details you didn’t know before (or forgot), or connect events and eras in new ways. Not to mention making some pretty strong spring break memories with your child.


So one day this spring break, become a tourist in your hometown. Take your child on a local adventure and see your everyday world in a whole new way.


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