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Top 7 iPhone apps moms will love

Hey moms, looking for an easy way to organize your life and make your daily tasks a little easier? Grab these apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch, and watch everything fall perfectly into place.

Mom with iPhone

If you’re using your iPhone or iPod Touch to make phone calls and listen to music, you’re missing out. Sure, your playlists are important, but you’ve got a mini-computer in your pocket, and you need to take advantage of it. In the App store, you’ll find plenty of apps that can streamline everything from your grocery list to your kids’ allowances. Here’s a look at some of the best apps for organizing the many parts of a mom’s life.

1Meals made simple

Sometimes, it would be nice to have a guide for the care and feeding of our kids. Habit Changer’s free Feeding Your Kids app is a pretty good start. The 42-day program lets you make small changes every day to get your kids to choose healthier foods on their own. From packing school lunches to serving better snacks, you’ll find easy-to-implement strategies you can start using right away.

2Savvier shopping

Ever get to the checkout line at the grocery store and realize you forgot your coupons at home? With Grocery iQ from, you can store your list and all your coupons in your phone. Snap a picture of a barcode to add items to your list, separate your list by stores, and organize them by aisles for streamlined shopping, and print and email coupons directly from the app. You can also save coupons to your store savings card, and sync up your list with your spouse so you don’t wind up with 8 gallons of milk. Grocery iQ is 99 cents — and it pays for itself many times over.

3On phone and on computer

iPhone mom appsWant even more ways to keep tabs on your spending? SplashShopper is a little pricier — it’s $4.99 for the app, and $9.95 for optional desktop software — but it offers some very cool features, such as the ability to customize unlimited shopping lists with your own categories, track prices, and calculate your spending in real time. Be sure to check out the pre-populated lists of common wines, gifts, and movies. Sync with your desktop for more functionality, including printing lists. Try it free for 30 days before you buy.

4Back up your brain

Want a backup copy of your brain? That’s Intuition, a free app designed specifically for busy moms. It lets you quickly capture your to-dos, ideas, appointments, and even wish lists, and allows you to manage that information in several different ways. Create custom categories and locations, and let Intuition remind you to stop at the library when you’re out and about. Delegate tasks to your spouse via Facebook, or share your thoughts on Twitter all from within the app. Plus, unlike most productivity apps, this one is pretty to look at.

5For baby mamas

Ever left the house with your kids only to find that the diaper bag is missing a crucial item, like, oh, say, diapers? Never again, with the 99-cent Baby Pack and Go app. The app allows you to maintain multiple packing checklists, so if you heading out with 1, 2, 3, or more kids, or going to different places, you can pull up the appropriate list and quickly ensure you’re properly packed. Excellent for those frequent attacks of Mommy Brain.

6Baby food

When did I feed the baby? Did I give the toddler her antibiotics at lunch? How long has that egg salad been in the fridge? With LifeTimer, a 99-cent app, you’ll have all the answers at your fingertips. Add as many different timers as you like, and easily edit the description and icon. Use it with recurring or one-time events. Turn the phone on its side to see how long the timer has been running.

7Easier allowances

Love the idea of allowance for the kids but hate having to keep cash on hand? Snag Bank of Mom for $1.99 and keep track of everything right on your phone. Set up an account for each child, track the money they earn, whether for chores or just for gracing you with their presence, and even determine whether or not they earn interest. In addition to tracking money, you can track TV and computer minutes and even activities like sleepovers and trips.

Tell us: Have an app to suggest? Comment below!

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