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Monday Mom challenge: Beat the winter blahs

Even if you love winter – even if you love any season, really – sometimes it can drag you down. You may love the snowy quiet days, but some days you can’t get your toes warm. You may love the crisp, clear winter sky, but some days you miss the longer evenings and lemonade. You may love winter sports, but cross-season training has it’s benefits, too. Sometimes, no matter how much you appreciate a season, you find yourself with the blahs.

Mom having fun in snow

February maybe the shortest month on the calendar, but for some it can feel like the longest month of the year – and especially for those in regions with the most severe winter weather. Even
die-hard winter aficionados, those who make the best of the season and its gifts, sometimes experience a certain “tiredness” for the season. It’s a fairly natural seasonal transition…but there’s
still more winter to go! Thankfully, there are a little things you can do to break out of the blahs and make the most of the last of the season.

Get outside!

Yes, that’s right, get outside. In the cold.

It may seem incongruous, but getting out into the winter can help you feel less blah about the winter. Bundle up and try a new park or walk through town. Getting your body moving, your lungs some
fresh, crisp air, and your face some winter sunshine can perk up even the draggiest of winter months.

Lighten up your diet

Comfort food has it’s place, but make sure you are getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and check your portions on other food items. Steak and potatoes are tasty, to be sure, but a stir-fry
or a new pasta dish is a great way to inject some flavor and color into your day.

Shake up your exercise

Maybe now is the time to consider adding new elements to your usual exercise routine. If you use an elliptical several days a week, how about rotating in some pilates or yoga? If you are a runner,
try a rowing machine. If your exercise is mostly aerobic, add in some resistance and strength training – or visa versa. Maybe add some interval training to your weekly exercise schedule.

Let the light and color in

Simple things like sitting near the windows on sunny days or breaking out brighter colored shirts can have an effect on your mood. Open the curtains and pull up the shades earlier in the morning to
make the most of the light.

Start planning for spring

Start planning in earnest for spring, whether that’s ordering seeds for the garden, thinking about spring cleaning and reorganization, or whatever it may be. Daydream summer house projects, weekend
getaways or a welcome to spring gathering of girlfriends.

Blahs happen in every season, but they aren’t just something to endure. Recognize and accept them as part of a season – then take action to work through them. With a little push, you’ll be through
the blahs – and almost through winter and on to the season ahead.

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