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What’s the best part of pregnancy? Moms know!

We asked our readers with kids: “What is your favorite part of pregnancy?” More than 3000 moms responded, and while the responses included social and practical elements, the majority of women considered the physical connection to their unborn babies to be the most amazing experience of all!

Woman with a happy face on her pregnant belly

the best part of pregnancy is…

A full 39 percent of readers said that feeling the baby moving, kicking and even hiccuping within the womb was the very best part of pregnancy.


“There’s nothing else like having your baby wiggling and somersaulting inside you,” says mother of four and SheKnows co-founder Nancy J Price. “Most of the time, you’re the only one who can feel that movement — and you have that exclusive for just a few short months.”


Baby’s kicks (also known as quickening) can also reassure expectant parents that all is well within.


The runners up

The task of preparing the nursery for the new arrival created especially fond memories for 16 percent of women, while baby shower parties got top scores from 11 percent.

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What is the best part of pregnancy? Reader poll results

That feeling in my tummy: 39%
The glow of pregnancy: 24%
Preparing the nursery: 16%
Baby showers: 11%
Ultrasounds: 10% quotation mark close

Ultrasound exams — the first time expectant parents could “see” the baby on the way — were the best part of pregnancy for about one mom out of ten.

But it was the all-encompassing, energizing “glow of motherhood” that took second place, capturing the hearts of nearly a quarter of the moms polled.

But is there actually such a thing as the glow of pregnancy?

The “glow” is real, says Price, and usually arrives during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. “It’s not just one thing, though — more like a heady combination of feeling healthy and confident, being happy, knowing your baby’s doing well, and realizing that there are so many incredible moments yet to come.”


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