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Monday Mom challenge: Get a bra fitting

“The only constant is change.” Whether it was Heraclitus who said it or Isaac Asimov or someone else is irrelevant; the point is that it’s true. It’s true for all of life – and it’s true for your breasts. As you age, gain or lose weight, have babies, change your exercise routine, or whatever, your breasts change. You need to not only be aware of this in terms of overall breast health, you need to be aware of it in terms of properly fitting undergarments. Every couple of years you should get a real, professional bra fitting. How about now?

Woman having bra fitting

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your breasts aren’t the perky things they were in your late teens or early twenties. Depending on your life experiences, they’ve likely moved around a little. A little
down, a little less firm, maybe even smaller than what you once had. But a good, well-fitting bra makes a huge difference in how your breasts look, feel and behave – a good, well-fitting bra offers
the right amount of support for your life’s activities and likely will make a difference in how your clothes fit. It can make a difference in your confidence about your appearance, too.

Even if you’ve been professionally fitted before, it may be time to do it again. If your body has experienced any significant changes recently, such as gaining or losing weight, a recent pregnancy,
or you recently stopped breastfeeding, it’s time to check your fitting.

Finding an expert

The best bra fitters seem to be at smaller, locally operated lingerie chains, though some large department stores have them, too. There’s a lady in a hole-in-the-wall storefront in a town not too
far from me that is excellent; word-of-mouth keeps her and the store she works at in business. Ask around to find your local bra fitting wizard.

If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting before – and even if you have – you may feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. It’s not often someone other than our doctor or partner has hands in
just those places – but this fitter is a professional and knows what she’s doing. Do try to relax so you can get the best fitting and the best advice on type of bra that will be best for you.

Get more tips on finding the right bra size here.

Go for quality – and take good care!

Once fitted, you likely will need to purchase a couple or more new bras, and you may need to spend a little more than you might otherwise at the local discount or mall chain. However, if you buy
good quality undergarments and take good care of them, these new bras will likely last a whole lot longer than those discount or mall chain purchases – and thus cost less in the long run. And think
about how much better you will feel and look in your better quality undergarments than the never -fit-quite-right pieces you picked up off sales rack last year.

Getting a bra fitting may not be your idea of a fun afternoon, but it’s gift to yourself. It’s a gift to your appearance and your confidence level. Find that awesome local bra fitter and go for it.

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